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Toyota releases the first Sequoia for 2001, and already it bests the competition by focusing on features that today's drivers want most from full-size SUVs. The 2001 Toyota Sequoia seats up to eight passengers comfortably. Although it comes up one seat short of most SUVs it still meets most people’s needs. It also comes with plenty of luxurious features that buyers love.

The 2001 Toyota Sequoia shows off a rugged look that doesn’t mess around, but it also doesn't stand out like some crazy off-road machine on the highway. Those rugged looks come in part from the Sequoia’s size. Built for eight passengers on the inside, a large outside seems imperative. Its charm also comes from its simple design. Toyota doesn’t waste a lot of time making the Sequoia's exterior look fancy. That would be like dressing a stallion in a tuxedo. Since this vehicle has the means to go offroad, it only makes sense that it should have the looks too.

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    If you need to seat as many people as possible in a single vehicle, then you might want to consider slightly larger SUVs such as the Yukon or Expedition, which have enough room for nine. If you can lose one seat without losing comfort, though, then the 2001 Toyota Sequoia seems just right for you. It seats eight without any problems and still offers plenty of room for cargo. Plus, you can add on a roof rack and tow hitch to free up room inside the cabin.

    The 2001 Toyota Sequoia isn’t afraid to get dirty, and yet it’s refined. Basically, it’s everything a full-size SUV should be and more. With quality construction, durable materials, a firm, quiet ride and its third-row seats that offer capacity for up to eight passengers, the Sequoia does well hauling people and cargo and driving on rough terrain, in all kinds of weather. Offered in two trims – the SR5 and the Limited – the Sequoia features a 240 horsepower 4.7-liter gas-powered V8 with your choice of two or four wheel drive. Standard features include air, cruise and keyless entry.