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The Monday night accident happened at about 7:55 p.m. at the intersection of Montgomery Street, Memorial Drive and Wells Avenue. The driver of a 2004 Ford pickup truck was traveling up Memorial Drive, quickly turned left toward Montgomery Street and struck a 2013 Honda. The truck continued on, struck a curb and flipped over, said Michael Wilk, public information officer for the

Chicopee Police Officer Mike Wilk told 22News that the driver of a 2004 Ford pickup truck is being charged with failure to stay in marked lanes. There were no serious injuries in the crash, but the truck did end up on its roof, and the driver of another car involved was taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Kind of a follow up. Finally took to Ford Dealer to have timing chain replaced and was quoted 2k. Within a short time I get a call about all the issues and the price tag is now 2700. I give approval, very unhappily, and after the weekend I get another call. The heads are shot and really the engine is shot. Now 8700. Refused to have fixed and spent 950 for absolutely nothing. All of this and they tell me my strut springs are broke?? This truck was never off road and treated like a baby. They tell me the after market oil filters is what caused the issue with the engine. This is bull I never bought anything but the best. I have had all work done on my truck at a professional garage that I trust. I did the oil changes. They wouldn't touch this engine when my issues started. Done with Ford, after 5 vehicles. They put cheap parts on their vehicles give you crap warranties and rape you when you bring it in. 2004 Ford Truck 5.4, 9 years 108,000 miles=3sets of brakes, rear axle bearings, 3 sets of tires,1 computer, 4 sensors, 1 window motor and now 1 engine, strut springs something about a small oil leak whats next?? I am in this truck $55,000 that's a cost of $6105 per year not including gas and it sucks gas and never got the rated mileage. Never off road, never in an accident, never used for snowplowing, hand waxed 2 times a year and kept clean (box still rusted) oil changes done every 4k at the most. The 5.4 Triton motor is junk from 2004 to 2008(?) and Ford is well aware of it. This should be a recall because it is a safety issue when your vehicle dies in an intersection or at a stop light. I wouldn't put my grandson in this vehicle due to this. Now I know how stubborn I've been on autos not made in the USA guess I was wrong I can get a better vehicle with a better warranty on anything not built in Detroit.