Mandy Ison’s Advice about the 2006 Volkswagen GLI:

K&N Performance Cold Air Intake Kit 69-9503TFK with Lifetime Filter for 2006-2008 Volkswagon Jetta GLI/GTI 2.0L


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The story goes like this: As you know, in February we received our 2006 GLI from our friends at VW. They gave us the keys and a warning to leave the car stock. Pleasantly surprised, we'd been loaned a free car and didn't hear a word they said.

When it comes to mid-sized sport sedans, the 2006 Volkswagen GLI is well respected in its class. Already an accomplished competitor, Volkswagen has raised the bar with the new 2006 Jetta GLI by adding more power, room and sporty styling to create a vehicle that scores favorably in every category.

2006 GLI w/ turboback APR RSC exhaust

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hey, it's my car's twin! hehe...looks great, like the stripe on the inside...my first mod was debadging the trunk. time to go give mine its second bath in a week lol...

**double dubness achieved**

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That’s why driving the 2006 Jetta GLI blew my misconceptions out of the water. Boy, has Volkswagen come a long way since the original “bug”! With nimble steering, a tight turning radius, and acceleration that is more than adequate for merging into freeway traffic, I found myself loving the little car. The only drawbacks were the touchy brakes at low speeds and the stiff ride quality, but the Jetta handled turns and freeway maneuvering like a shark among minnows. After making a wrong turn during the test drive, I did a quick U-turn on a crowded, under construction, two-lane street and this baby made it with room to spare. Absolutely kickin’!