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1982 Mercedes Benz 240D sedan DIESEL inside on Flickriver"

The 240D was not Mercedes' flashiest model, and it was not known for blistering speeds. The OM616 diesel engine could be a bit sluggish (particularly in cold weather), and it only generated 64 horsepower and a mere 101 ft.-lbs. of torque. Furthermore, like many diesel engines, the motor could be noisy and smelly as well as hard starting when the temperature drops. On the positive side, fuel economy was excellent; 30 miles per gallon was normal. In addition, the diesel engine was extremely durable, able to go for up to half a million miles between overhauls with proper maintenance.

As the "D" designation indicates, the 240D was equipped with a diesel-fueled engine. Four body styles were available: a four door sedan, a two door coupe, a five door station wagon and a limousine. Diesel engine choices ranged from four-cylinder 2.0 liter OM6 15 D20 to an inline five cylinder 3.0 liter OM617. Transmission choices were a three or four speed automatic and a four or five speed manual.

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Today, a 1980s-vintage Mercedes Benz 240D can be purchased for as little as $2000. Assuming the previous owner(s) have taken proper care of it and maintained the vehicle in good condition, it can be a real bargain when it comes to basic, no-frills transportation. If it has been neglected however, it's a good idea to pass on it. Like most German auto parts, 1982 Mercedes 240D parts and those for other years tend to be pricey. Furthermore, if there are dents, you'll be looking for Mercedes 240D body parts as well. Unless you are able to locate these through a wrecking yard, chances are you'll be paying a premium price.

Mercedes-Benz introduced the W123 four-door versions on 29 January 1976. While there were some technical similarities to their predecessors, the new models were larger in wheelbase and exterior dimensions. The styling was also updated, although stylistic links with the W114 / W115 were maintained. Initially, all models except 280/280E featured quad unequal-size round headlights and the latter large rectangular units. When facelifted, these units became standard across the range. All W115 engines were carried over, with the 3 litre diesel model being renamed from "240D 3.0" to "300D" (as it had already been called before in North American markets). The only new engine was the 250's 2,525 cc (Type M123, a short-stroke version of the 2.8 litre six Type M110) that replaced the old 2,496 cc Type M114 "six".