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1973 Ford Gran Torino Values | Hagerty Valuation Tool®

This is a nicely preserved example of a rare find these days. The base Torino for 1972-1974 used unique front end treatments. None of them were attractive in my opinion, but it was mostly for fleet sales. This car isn’t the best looker Ford made, but a ’73 Gran Torino Sport Fastback was not half bad especially compared to most 1973’s.

Always bitching about GMs, Bangshift now features a 73 Gran Torino Sport with a 351 Cleveland and you still bitch about it, you must be the British version of ColoradoKid. Stay away from the pub before you comment on Bangshift, as you are making yourself look like an ass.

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• 1973 Ford Gran Torino 5.0L V8 CARB 
• 1973 Ford Gran Torino 5.8L V8 CARB 
• 1973 Ford Gran Torino 6.6L V8 CARB 
• 1973 Ford Gran Torino 7.0L V8 CARB 

73 Ford Gran Torino w/ Formal roof - Walk around - YouTube

Further in my archives, Popular science got a 1973 Gran Torino Sport with heavy duty suspension through there slalom at 58.3 MPH, vs a Laguna Chevelle a 53.0 MPH and Satellite Sebring at 56.4 MPH (others tested by PS: Audi 100LS 54.6 MPH, Volvo 144S 51.45, Mercedes 250 60.0 MPH). Not half bad for a “wallowing Ford”…

The only versions that would qualify for 'muscle car' are the 72-73 Gran Torino Sport fastback and the 1973 Chevelle SS, if they have the top engine installed. The '74 Laguna S-3 was more like a Grand Am, or Chevy giving up and making the plusher Malibu Classic the top trim Chevelle. S-3 was pushed as sporty, but not marketed as '0-60' tire burner. For '74, there were no more fastback Gran Torinos. The S&H car was a fake "muscle car".