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ACCEL 4040 SuperStock 8mm 4000 Series Yellow Graphite Spark Plug Wire Set


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Accel Superstock Wires are designed to upgrade an OE ignition system for high spark delivery levels for street-driven applications. The 450 degree F-rated silicone jacket is extruded over a tightly woven, rugged fiberglass braid which is applied over a high dielectric strength EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) inner insulation for ignition wire performance that exceeds SAE specifications.

Worn spark plug wires reduce the efficiency of a vehicle's ignition system. This reduces the fuel economy and power of the vehicle. Replacing the worn spark plug wires at regular intervals eliminates the problem; however, special ordering plug wires made for your vehicle gets expensive. Using Accel universal wires costs less but you need to size and assemble the wires to fit your vehicle.

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Accel Plug Wires

Accel 8mm superstock universal fit wire sets are a universal fit, can be used for 4, 6, and 8 applications. Presents high-temperature silicone jackets applied over a fiberglass braid wrapped over a high voltage solid core. Wires come complete with distributor boots, HEI and socket style terminals, wire separators, and silicone lube.

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Get your motorcycles ignition system sparking at it's full potential by installing ACCEL Motorcycle 8.8mm spark plug wires. Accel wires are made in the U.S.A from high-conductivity, silver plated copper woven around stainless steel...which explains why they provide the best in performance and reliability for street or racing use. This set of universal wires comes complete with pre-terminated ends and all the easy to use hardware required for a smooth installation.