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AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan - Rotatable 2 Speed Dual Blade with 9FT Cord - Quiet Strong Dashboard Cooling Fan for Sedan SUV RV Boat Auto Vehicles - Effectively Blow Out Hot Air, Smoke, Odors


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I was similar in that respect; I got the Datsun 710 as a hand me down, without AC (but I was living up north at that time)…which I sold to buy a ’78 VW Scirocco which didn’t have AC either…in the meantime, I also relocated down to Texas, and sweltered for 4 years without AC driving my Scirocco until I replaced it with a VW GTI, my first airconditioned car…and I’ve had AC since then (and plan to keep it that way, unless the AC goes out before the car itself dies, and is too expensive to fix…at which time I will have to figure out how much my sanity is worth, since I’d probably not last very long with non-functioning AC and have to do something to get a vehicle with AC) .

We had an air conditioned car before we had air conditioning in the house. The car was unusual because it was a first year offering for factory air conditioning and because it was a Studebaker….

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A company in in the United States first offered installation of air conditioning for cars in 1933. Most of their customers operated limousines and luxury cars.

A 12v portable AC system or 12v cooling fan can definitely be a life saver for people who are on a limited budget. There is no need for you to be experiencing the scorching hot days of summer inside a car that can easily turn into a sauna if you park it under the sun for a few hours. The portable air conditioner for car is an option that will save you plenty of money and it will help you avoid the expenses of the internal AC that comes with your vehicle. Get a portable air conditioner for car or truck today and save money while keeping your vehicle cool.