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Akebono ACT787 ProACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pad Set (Engineering #ACT564)


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name that manufacturers trust — Akebono brake pads.
Akebono Brake Pads come in three modification:
- Akebono Pro-ACT Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads
- Akebono EURO Ultra-Premium Ceramic Brake Pads
- Akebono PERFORMANCE Ultra-Premium Ceramic Pads

Watch this video to learn some of the most common causes of brake pad failure.
Brake systems is one of the most critical safety systems of your vehicle. That's why it is essential to check your brakes and if they are worn out, they need to be replaced.
For a longer life span and safe driving choose replacement brake parts from reliable manufacturers, such as Akebono.
Millions of car owners worldwide trust Akebono Brake Pads for their time-proven quality.

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Akebono disc pads Automotive Parts | Bizrate

are a step beyond the conventional ceramic brake pad, and feature a Kevlar® Ceramic brake compound. By replacing the traditional metallic substrate that holds the pad together (think of it as the glass fiber in fiberglass) with Kevlar®, EBC has found a way to pack in much more actual friction material. The Bosch and Akebono pads are made up of a high percentage of ferrous metals to hold the friction material together. The use of Kevlar® instead in EBC Redstuff Pads makes for much higher friction, while lessening the amount of ferrous iron brake dust caused by a traditional semi metallic pad.

Driven by customer satisfaction and backed by one of the most comprehensive Research and Development technical centers in the industry, Akebono brakes have been a key resource for OEMs and the automotive aftermarket for decades. Millions of car owners worldwide depend on Akebono brake pads, calipers, rotors, drum brakes, etc. that provide safe, quiet, and dependable braking, smooth and confident pedal feel, and long-term operation.