Apexi N1 Series Exhaust System:

MegaBrand N1 4" Burnt Tip Muffler Exhaust 2.5" Inlet Universal

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APEXi N1 ExV Coilovers Honda S2000 (2000-2009) 269AH022

The Apexi N1 ExTi cat back exhaust system utilizes full stainless steel piping mated to an immaculately constructed Titanium N1 Muffler. The muffler section features a full titanium canister which discharges through an adjustable length 115mm super heated (burnt) titanium tip. The 5 step adjustment range of the finisher tip is designed to allow users with aero kits the ability to extend or retract the tip to meet the dimensions of the rear bumper.

If you would like to help the Modified Life community by adding photo(s) of your car with a Apexi N1 ExTi cat back exhaust system installed, please feel free to email us using our . Please remember to email us the year, make, model of your vehicle and which performance exhaust you have installed.

APEXi N1 ExV Coilovers Feature:

  • 2013+ Scion FR-S APEXi N1 Evolution Extreme Catback Exhaust
  • 2013+ Subaru BRZ APEXi N1 Evolution Extreme Catback Exhaust
  • 2013+ Toyota GT-86 APEXi N1 Evolution Extreme Catback Exhaust

APEXi N1 ExV Coilovers Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 7/8/9 (01-08) 269AM020

Attention to all you raced out fast and the furious enthusiasts. I have here something that you can enjoy hearing and those around driving by you or at a dead stop. The only tools you need to enjoy your very own exhaust system are a pair of good ears and your choice of payment. You will be proud of the guzzling sound of your exhaust pipe. One modification after the next and you’ll be on your way to car shows. So, we all got to start somewhere right? Ok, so here at Spec-D Tuning want you to know that you can have your very own APEXi N1 Style Muffler to show off to your friends, to your significant other that seems to dislike your addiction to car upgrades, or even your grand mother that tries sleeping during the day time. However, once you start that motor and rev your way past a few thousand RPMs then you will know and hear why this purchase is a great buy. We have this in many different types of looks, but here are a couple of styles that are most common and definitely eye catching. This stainless steel piping has a 4″ tip straight shooting that loud engine noise also very common in today’s street race car look. Actually, its not super loud where people in Mongolia or mainland China can hear, but its loud enough. A good sense of “loud” I suppose. Check it out!

The APEXi N1 Damper ExV (Expert Type V) Coilovers are the newest edition to APEXi’s high performance street line of coilover suspensions. The APEXi N1 Damper ExV (Expert Type V) Coilovers are a full coilover suspension featuring a threaded base for precise ride height adjustment without compromising shock or spring travel. APEXi has taken our street suspension to the next level for 2005 by including high performance upper mounts and 32 way ride quality adjustment for street cars that are used at the track as well.