(9) Remove axle assembly from vehicle.

GSP NCV36516 CV Axle Assembly (Front Passenger Side)

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Alloy USA® 12131 - Front Axle Shaft Assembly

The axle assembly is made up of the axle housing, two tubes with spinning shafts inside them and the removable cover which allows access to the differential. It transfers power from the engine to the wheels and inside it sits the differential and the ring gears and pinions. 4WD sells premium Jeep Dana 30, 35, 44 and 60 axle assemblies by manufacturers such as G2 Axle & Gear and Rubicon Express. 4WD sells factory replacement axle assemblies for trucks by AMC, Chrysler, Ford and others and also carries axle assemblies with the differential included by ARB, Detroit Locker, Eaton Locker and more. To ease installation, 4WD stocks axles assemblies that require no cutting or drilling.

While the Duck involved in the crash had gotten an earlier modification to its front axle, the vehicle never got a recommended fix outlined in an October 2013 service bulletin. That service bulletin called for “inspection and reinforcement of the front axle housing assembly” for dozens of Duck vehicles around the country.

EMPI® 80-4123 - Front Driver Side CV Axle Assembly

Group 10 - Front Axle

Front Axle Assembly
Front Differential - Cross Section
Front Differential - Exploded View
Front Axle, Steering Knuckle, and Hub - Assembly
Front Axle, Steering Knuckle, and Related Parts - Exploded View
Front Axle Universal Joints - Exploded View

Crown® 4720380 - Front Right Axle Assembly

Jeep Wrangler 2007-2017, Front Tera44 Replacement Axle Housing by TeraFlex®. TeraFlex has upgrades for your axles, always the weakest point of Jeep's running gear. Whether you're getting a complete new axle assembly that's bolt-in ready, or an upgraded TeraFlex housing for all of your OEM components, you'll enjoy TeraFlex's reputation for stout, well-engineered parts.

Some serious off-roading can see you limping back to the trailhead with cracked brackets, bent housings, failing bearings and leaking gear lube. TeraFlex axles are reinforced, beefed-up, or engineered to eliminate most of the problems you will encounter in building or running an off-roading Jeep. Starting with generations of experience in off-roading and building Jeeps and making parts for them, TeraFlex knows how. TeraFlex axles should be considered a serious upgrade. You can take all of your stock components and simply install them into a TeraFlex housing if you've damaged yours, saving a lot of money over replacing the entire axle assembly. Or you can simply buy a preassembled unit that's ready to bolt in. TeraFlex axles will outlast a stock axle by leaps and bounds, especially if you do much leaping or bounding in your Jeep.