Backbumper Custrom for RJL mod V3

Chevy Silverado 99-07 Bumper Rear Back Chrome Fleetside

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1970-78 (C3) Seat Back Bumper Part #: 25-103043-1

If a thick, durable, steel-cut rear bumper is what you want, then this is the bumper you need. Made specifically for your truck or SUV, these back bumpers stabilize your tailgate area while providing maximum towing capacity and protection. Mounting to your vehicle's frame, a Ranch Hand Legend Rear Bumper features full skirts with or without reverse/working lights embedded within them. Your truck's backup sensors, if it has them, are also accounted for, and certain models feature tow hook cutouts. This bumper can handle a receiver tube addition, and hooking one up changes its tongue weight/towing capacity from 1,000/10,000 lbs. to 500/5,000 lbs. Topping everything off, each bumper is finished with Black Powder Coat for total corrosion resistance.

Give your truck or SUV the back truck bumper that it deserves. Make sure you can take care of all the business you need to handle with a Ranch Hand Legend Rear Bumper. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty.

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New back bumper Peter's 1966 Mustang Coupe Day 64 - Part 2

On the way back from Austin, Texas, coming back from bigfatdrunk's and Halloween hangovers, going back home to San Antonio, I hit traffic in Schertz. In the left hand lane, there was a fire truck, a cop car, another fire truck with several men wearing blue shirts sitting on the back bumper, a cop car, cops talking to a distraught woman, a car with a smashed driver side and obliterated bumper lifted up onto the bed of a tow truck, and more cop cars. The drive stuttered and stopped. A five minute section of road took thirty-five minutes to get through. I listened to the - game with my head out the window, drowning in the orange and bronzed light, cooked in some spooky 80 degree October heat.

The protective counterpart to front bumpers and grille guards, Ranch Hand Back Bumpers offer a substantial replacement for your fragile factory bumper.