Blower Motor 1/2hp 1075rpm/3sp ccw 208/230 1ph

Four Seasons/Trumark 35334 Blower Motor with Wheel


Blower Motor 3/4hp, 3sp, cw rot, 208/203volt

The other rule about replacing blower motors is that the large, weirdly delicate plastic assembly containing the motor and fan that is easy to yank out can be nearly impossible to put back. The vents, tubes and wires snaking out from it in multiple directions must connect simultaneously with the precision only the robot that built your car can achieve.

Here’s a secret that I’ve learned after replacing two blower motors: When automakers assemble a vehicle, the first part placed on the assembly line is the blower motor — then they build the rest of the vehicle around it. Thus, a $50 replacement blower motor (that will start to squeal when your car is only about five years old) will require disassembling half the car and $1,000, $2,000 or more in labour costs to fix.

Blower Motor 1/2hp 1075rpm ccw208/230 1 ph

1/4 H.P. Blower Motor Kit with Bracket

D1733 Direct Drive Blower Motor Kit
with Torsion Flex Mounting Bracket.
208/230V, 1/4 H.P. 4 speed, 1075 RPM
1.8/2.0 AMP, open permanent split
capacitor, REVERSIBLE, 48 Frame,
Sleeve Bearing, 60 Hz, Motor comes
with new electrically compatible
capacitor that must be installed.
Replaces: D1733, FM1026, 43784,
SE3784 and GE3784.

Direct Drive Fan & Blower Motors

I was pondering that last week while trying to replace the blower motor in our Nissan X-Trail and crying quietly to myself while surrounded by assorted pieces of dashboard, wires and electronic components of mysterious function. (You’d think I would have learned from spending an entire weekend many years ago replacing the blower motor in our second-hand Volvo 240 that some things should be left to professionals — even if it costs a lot.)

HVAC Blower Motor by Spectra Premium®. Without Wheel. 2 Wire. Innovative engineering, manufacturing technology and quality control ensure that Spectra Premium condensers meets or exceeds the performance of the original equipment blower motor they replace.