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Car radio antennas are readily available from dealers or from online sources like eBay. These days they are mass produced, with generic versions of manufacturer or model specific antennas easy to find. They tend to be more durable than earlier designs, and sound quality and reception has improved a great deal. The most common designs include manually or automatically retractable antennas, or fixed antennas.

are not the most durable parts of cars. They tend to break or suffer damage often and easily. This makes them prone to replacement or repair. Some drivers may forget to retract or remove their antennas before going through the carwash, and antennas are popular targets for vandals. In older car designs radio antennas seemed more like an afterthought than a necessity, but modern cars feature antennas that are part of their sleek designs. Few motorists are content driving a car that does not have the ability to receive FM radio, and a damaged radio antenna means poor reception or no reception at all.

Metra 44-PW22 Universal Car Radio Power Antenna

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A car radio antenna is quick and easy to replace, so taking the car to a dealer is a wasted cost. Even if the process takes a half an hour or an hour longer than it would take a technician or mechanic, one's free time is just that: free. While it is usually best to ask a professional for help when it comes to car maintenance and repairs, changing a car radio antenna is such a simple procedure that it seems senseless to pay someone else to perform this easy task.

Before replacing a car radio antenna, take a moment to decide whether the antenna needs to be replaced or repaired. If the base of the antenna is undamaged and intact, one may be able to simply replace the antenna shaft instead of the entire antenna.