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Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Comp-G - Charging System Failure GPVlog

I brought the truck to a Chevy dealer and they didn’t find anything wrong. Then a week ago I got the same “Charging System Failure" again and the volt gauge on my dash showed that I was losing power. I again brought the truck to the same Chevy dealer and they redid the connections that allow the alternator to charge the battery (connections in the red plastic “transfer" box between the battery and alternator). They claimed this was the issue. However, 3 days later I looked down on my dash and my volt gauge was showing 12v again.

That your altenator/regulator isn't putting out enough voltage/amps for your electrical system to work right. Usually when charging system failure occurs you won't be able to start your car because of the drain it puts on your battery. 13-15+ volts output is what most charging systems put out depending on what vehicle. Good luck and hope this helps.

08 chevy uplander 3.9 v6, charging system failure and battrey

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    One day my car said charging system failure and
    started over heating I need to figure out what's
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    I have a 2004 grand prix and this started about a year ago it popped up charging system failure but it only stayed on for a few seconds so I replaced the alternator, 2nd one lasted up until 3ish we...