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Kia Sephia was one of the first Kia passenger cars that were sold in the United States. These economical cars competed directly with major U.S. automakers and hundreds of thousands that were imported were besieged upon drivers. The Sephia used a 4 and 5-speed transmission. The 5-speed was a manual transmission. The same transmissions that were used in the U.S. based vehicles where the very ones used in Europe. We have Kia Sephia cheap transmissions for sale that are affordable for any size budget. We buy these from dealers at a lower price and do not raise the price much for sale. This is appreciated by our customers and one of the many things that does for our customers.

Transmission buying is an important process. Many online dealers offer reasonable priced and equable pricing, with exceptional positives regarding their cheap used transmissions. Ultimately, it is essential that you research each and every place you are seeking when determining the right option for your transmission replacement. Read more about pros and cons of buying used transmission for and models on our site.

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All of our replacement engines, transmissions, differentials, XS4P-DF, and transfer cases are used. They will be tested and turned before shipment to insure they are functional. All of our hard parts and engine, transmission / transfer case parts include no wiring and/or accessories or any other parts unless explicitly stated. Each of our parts are certified to be funtional similiar to or better than remanufactured and will operate correctly upon correct installation. Freight costs will be added after purchase for exact cost feel free to call before purchase we will call you with the amount before you are charged. All parts are low mileage used parts we also sell Cheap Rebuilt Transmissions For Sale.

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If you are seeking to cut your transmission buying cost, going the cheap used transmissions route may be the best way to go. Many automobile companies and parts distributors sell cheap used transmissions at affordable prices. All cheap used transmissions usually come with a guaranteed warranty, as each automaker has vigorously tested each and everyone of their and recycled transmissions. Used transmission prices are often half the price of a new transmission. Most cheap used transmission companies are environmentally friendly in their approach and make certain that you will never be overcharged or charged more than the normal going rate for a used transmission. Sometimes a new transmission is needed if your current transmission has started exhibiting failure symptoms or if the has been tried and failed to help with your problem. The question though is whether a cheap used transmission is worth buying over a new one. Here are a few pros and cons of cheap used transmissions.

Affordable Power Train .com has been family owned and operated for over a decade, so we know how important it is to treat our customers properly. We are proud to offer a huge selection of cheap used transmissions for sale at lower costs than nearly any competitor, and we make sure that our friendly service and knowledgeable staff take extra time to help you make the purchase that’s right for you.