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If you are into car racing or you tend to do some heavy duty hauling or off road driving with your Chevrolet car or truck, you are probably familiar with the benefits of a Chevy posi rear end. As posi or positive rear end is just one way to describe a limited-slip differential, a car part that helps improve traction through a car or truck's wheel and axle system. Having a limited-slip or posi rear end differential allows both wheels to turn at once, a feature that is specific to this kind of differential. This ability can be helpful for traction and velocity in a variety of different driving situations. Whether you are looking to make a change to your car's factory installed differential, or you need to replace a preexisting part in your car or truck, there is a vast inventory of Chevy posi rear end differentials on eBay. This inventory may also include parts for vintage car models, such as a 1957 Chevy rear end.

One moment, you are contentedly driving your vehicle — the next minute, your automobile has significant damage thanks to a sudden collision. Your Chevy rear end sustained most of the impact, prompting you to immediately think about the repairs it needs. Buying your own parts is a simple way to keep your expenses in check. Thanks to the vast inventory on eBay, it is a cinch to find all of the required pieces and tools to get your Chevy's rear end looking as good as new. These rear end components are available for practically every make and model, be it a Chevy 1500 or a Chevy 2500. Selecting approved pieces for your vehicle ensures that everything fits like it is supposed to. Bumpers, bolts, axles, differentials, gears, and housing covers are just a small sampling of the parts that you can purchase. These pieces are often sold together, but they can also be purchased separately. After an accident, it is overwhelming to think about all the work that your vehicle has to have. But when you get all the parts to fix your Chevy rear end, you can breathe easier and be back on the road in no time.

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The rolling stock also needed some updating according to McMillen, who removed the Halibrand wheels in favor of a set of Foose 5-spoke wheels mounting Firestone tires, 215x55R17s at the front of the car and heftier 245x55R18s at the rear. Disc brakes provide stopping power up front, with drums installed on the 10-bolt Chevy rear end out back.