Volant Cool Air Intake Kit with Filter Box Fits:

Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake 9900 Kit with Red filter for 1999-2007 GM Truck


2008 Nissan Titan Air Charger Cool Air Intake K and N Filters 636012

After installing the Volant cool air intake system to the SRT-10 8.3L V-10 powerplant, the throttle response was instantaneous, all while producing a noticeable increase of torque and power. The V-10 engine pulled strong through the entire powerband.

It is a common misunderstanding that any aftermarket intake will do the same job. This could not be further from the truth. A lot of companies have an "if it fits, use it" attitude, and fitment is only one small part of an aftermarket intake. Some of the higher end brands, such as the air intake system, or the cool air intake system spend a great deal of time researching and designing their intakes in the usa, in house and with extensive dyno testing. The result is higher horsepower gains throughout the powerband, no check engine lights, and maximum performance. has actually patented a technology called Mega Ram (MR) Technology that maintains factory or close to factory air fuel ratios to protect your engine and maximize performance.

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Volant Cool Air Intake Kit with Filter Box - 19846C by Volant

Air Intake Kit Cool Air Intake Kit Cool Air Intake Kit; Incl. Filter Box/Air Duct/Ram Filter/Connectors/Clamps; FEATURES: Cross Link Polyethylene Material Cleanable Reusable High Grade Filter No Box Open Element Design High Performance Silicon Connectors Stainless Steel Clamps Not all intake systems are the same and savvy customers know which ones make more power than others. This is why Volant Cool Air Intakes are extremely popular with customers who know intake systems. What's the difference? Volant Cool Air Intakes take a different approach to making power. Volant seals conical, high-flow air filter in a box that has more air volume than factory units. This process also eliminates any chance of hot air from contaminating the intake charge to the engine. Volant has had a tradition of designing and manufacturing high-quality intake systems that are constantly tested and improved upon as vehicle models and ECM system become more sophisticated. Volant is also at the cutting edge of air intake performance with new designs that make more consistent horsepower and torque for a variety of truck and sport utility vehicle applications. With Volant the quality of components are extremely high and every system includes stainless steel hardware and high-temperature silicone sleeves that do not flex or distort, even under the most extreme conditions. All Volant Cool Air Intakes are simple to install and selling them is even easier, with plenty of media coverage and great pricing margins. But it doesn't stop there, Volant also offers your sales staff a host of accessory items for our intake systems that can continue to bring back customers to your door. Some of these include under body scoops, hoods, and high-flow Mass Air Flow Sensors that further enhance performance. For 2006 Volant is dedicated on increasing its application line which will keep your customers coming to you for quality truck products that they can depend on. Volant has been building qual

Cold air intake, cool air intake, short ram intake, mega ram intake, aftermarket intake, cai, cone intake, and intake are some of the common terms used, but they all come down to the same basic idea: Remove your overly restrictive stock (factory) air box and filter and replace it with an aftermarket system.