You just found a very good looking 1973 Dodge Tradesman B-100 Van.

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First Run of the Dodge Tradesman 200 after pulling it out of the shop

The particular van we were interested in was a ’78 Dodge Tradesman 200, located about two hours away in southern Florida, and was advertised as a custom show van that had just made the trip to the east coast from California. In the pictures, this orange Dodge looked cool, sporting a custom fiberglass windshield visor and rear spoiler. And while it didn’t have the water bed and heart-shaped bubble windows we hoped for, we felt it was a cool ride and the price was low enough to place a bid. We weren’t sure our bid was high enough for a vehicle of this caliber, but in a few days eBay informed us that we’d won the Tradesman so we made plans to pick up our new purchase.

Dodge Ram Tradesman seems so bulky on its platform, but I must say that I still love the fact that it is so ideal for an outdoor activity. I also noticed that it had an impressive engine which is quite good enough for it.

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Most Viewed brand Dodge Tradesman 200 will remain for centuries. We invite you to see we found 6 photographs of this model. Dodge Tradesman 200 is one of the best producers.

A detailed set of customizing instructions, plans and templates were provided each purchaser. The Street Van, available on 109 and 127-inch wheelbases in either B100 or B200 models, was designed by Dodge to be the base for individual creative expression, Kline pointed out. "Dodge has been the leader in the compact van and wagon market since 1973, outselling both Ford and Chevrolet as well as the Volkswagen mini-bus. The van which took over the top sales position and the one most often used for conversion was the Dodge Tradesman, a model we originally considered a work vehicle," he said.