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Driveshaft support bearing type 6 A E C D

Disconnect the drive shaft center bearing from the vehicle’s frame using the appropriate sized socket and wrench. On some vehicles the bearing block bolts thread into nuts which are welded to the frame; on other vehicles, the block is bolted to the frame with a standard, two part bolts and nuts.

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Drive shaft support bearings—Numerical listing Center Bolt line hole

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I used '05 when I looked up the parts for your ST.

Bearing, clutch side: 1602-374
Bearing, chain case side: 1602-051
Oring, chain case bearing: 0107-003

Good Luck.

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Worn out driveshaft center bearings could be dangerous for your vehicles health and cause high-priced maintenance. Damaged center bearings makes it possible for the driveshaft to vibrate leading seals to fail in both the transmission and differential. Fluid will leak out and result in heating up and bearing or gear failure. Replacement of rear differential elements may cost between $1,000 and $3,000 replacement of a transmission costs you between $2,000 to $3,500. Change your worn center bearing with the first sign of vibration, a visual inspection is also suggested.