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Zack started by purchasing some band clamps and separating the OEM mufflers from the factory exhaust (an often maligned design change of the S550) allowing him to keep the OEM mufflers and have the option of reverting back to stock while experimenting with different exhaust setups. After the Dynomax Race Bullet muffler installation, some quick welding work and test run, it was on to reducing the significant drone he experienced at 2,000RPM (70-75mph).

Inside the new system is a DynoMax Race Bullet muffler, an addition to the tailpipe routing within the system, which responds as a resonator in this application. The system also includes 2.5-inch mandrel bent piping for increased flow and is constructed from stainless steel to protect against corrosion. Like all DynoMax exhaust kits, the JK system includes other necessary hardware and instructions for an easy, bolt-on installation.

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A: Both the Inlet inside diameter and Outlet inside diameter of this Dynomax Race Bullet Muffler are same in 2.5 inch. However, this product is universal and not a direct fit, some modifications may be required for proper installation.

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