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I have had zero issues with the EMPI axles on my hatch. I replaced the engine and trans mounts at the same time. I drive it almost daily to/from work - probably around 5,000 on them now. 240k on the car.

Heard back. I have two options and already chose. New EMPI axles are 128 a piece which isnt too terrible i guess. But he also rebuilds axles with all new parts from EMPI. So....im going to have him rebuild them in house. Hes been doing it for years so i trust that they will be good not to mention cant beat the limited lifetime warranty (aka free rebuilds if the boots are not cracked). Best of all its only 96 bucks a piece. So i save 60 bucks about.

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Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2013 8:11 am 

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What do you think about EMPI axles on your VR6s? I have a pair that need to be installed. I have a feeling they don't last long. A local shop will warranty them for 2 years so I dunno. I feel like I should keep my stocks and have Raxles rebuild them for me and keep them around "just in case" . . I'm not drag racing, but I do like to get crazy on mountain roads. Any GOOD experiences out there?

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