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Ford Motor Company parts have been tested and approved to meet the quality factory requirements. Aftermarket companies will use terms like "replacement parts" to make you think they are from Ford. Their not, its simply imitation. Think of it this way, how long did the original part last on your vehicle? That's the same quality factory parts we offer, accompanied with excellent customer satisfaction and most importantly discount prices.

The Ford Motor Company engineering parts drawing collection consists of microfiche copies of the original blueprints. During the 1940s, Ford Motor Company copied all of their parts drawings onto microfiche and destroyed the blueprints. It is understood that this had been done for storage purposes, because microfilm takes up less physical space and has a longer lifespan than paper, and also as a guard against espionage during wartime production. This collection includes Ford/Lincoln/Mercury passenger vehicles and trucks, military vehicles, tractors, and Tri-Motor airplanes parts drawings. Read on for details about the parts drawing collection and how to obtain copies.

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