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The Geo Storm was a version of the sporty, second generation minus some of that car's more expensive features. The Storm was sold in Japan as the PA Nero and related Gemini Coupe, Impulse. The Storm lacked the Impulse's -tuned suspension as well as the Impulse's optional and drivetrain. Although they were essentially the same car, sales of the Storm were much stronger than those of the Impulse—indeed, the Storm sold better than most small GM cars of that era. Slow sales of the Isuzu version doomed the Storm when the Isuzu Impulse was canceled, the Geo Storm derivative had nothing to be built from, meaning both cars were discontinued in 1993. the Strom was replaced by the for Standard hatchback in the same year as Strom discontinued and The wagonback Model was replaced by in 2002 the Prizm and Vibe was built at the plant. For The GSi hatchback Model was replaced by based in 2004 The Cobalt SS was built at the at . As of 2010, there were only 40,300 Storms registered for road use.

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    That’s quite right because the Geo Storm is modified and customized so perfectly that we don’t see any room for further improvement. Using the classic combination of yellow and black colors, the car looks spectacular with a body kit that complements its style. There is a huge spoiler on the back of the car which helps it streamline at higher speeds. What’s even better is the fact that the car doesn’t look odd despite all the customization and tuning. This is a really good way to transform the genuine looks of a car that has already been recognized worldwide for its attractive looks.

    The Japanese were also offered the Geo Storm version of the Piazza, called the Yanase-Isuzu PA Nero, which was exclusive to Japanese dealerships called under special arrangement, a dealership that sold GM products in Japan.