New original equipment style hatch struts have about 630N in force.

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Hatch Support Struts: Pull support strut (red arrow) off stud (yellow arrow), then pull it off lower ball end and remove from vehicle. Clean support strut mounting points (yellow arrow) and apply a small amount of grease. Then install new support struts. Be sure the retaining clips lock when installing. Try to pull strut off to confirm it is properly engaged.

I've been propping my hatchback up using a stick for years (20 years) and finally bought a pair of hatch support struts. They installed in minutes. You lift the hatch the first 6", then it raises itself the rest of the way with the last couple inches being nice and slow! I'm in Ontario Canada and they arrived in a matter of days. For the price of $30 I wish I had of bought these 20 years ago lol

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Mustang Hatch Support Strut - Pair (79-93 All) - Free Shipping

Hatch Support Struts: Working at the bottom of the support strut, lever the bottom retaining clip down to disengage it. Once disengaged, slide top of support strut off pivot.

Hatch Support Struts: Working at the top of the support strut, use a small flathead screwdriver and move the retaining spring (red arrow) up to the top of the socket. You do not have to remove it, just move it up far enough so the strut will come off the ball.