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Some people stick to Haynes repair manuals because that is the company they know. I would not buy this manual because there are other options that are much better for about the same price. There are many good things about this company, but I don't think they have the best deal.

They are also widely available. While you can find Haynes repair manuals in most auto parts store, I recommend that you buy it from because it is cheaper and it has the almost entire Haynes collection for different vehicle make and models.

The price is another good point. You can buy a lifetime subscription to this online repair manual for about the same price as a printed one. There is generally more information found in online manuals than printed as well.

We also carry Haynes repair manuals for motorcycles, ..

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    It's not a coincidence that the DIY qualities we mention are found in Haynes repair manuals. The publisher and founder of Haynes wrote his first book in 1956. Haynes officially became a publishing house in 1960. Today, over 150 million of their books are on bookshelves around the world. Headquartered in the U.K. (with a satellite in Los Angeles), every Haynes manual is a master class in learning how your vehicle runs and how to keep it doing so. Whether it's a complete service, maintenance and repair system for your Dodge Intrepid, getting a handle on the floating calipers in your ATV or picking up professional tips and tricks on detailing, Haynes repair manuals will simplify what might initially appear to be a complex project, showing you the most accessible ways for getting things done. This not only saves you trips to the shop, it saves you money, and promises to enhance enjoying your vehicle because there's no better feeling than knowing that sweet purr is the result of your hard work.

    A Haynes repair manual has been changing the way owners deal with their vehicles for five decades, making them smarter drivers. Every one of these resources is compiled through hands-on experience. The publisher gathers professionals in mechanics, engineering, technical writing, photography and other related fields. Operating independently from the manufacturers while employing manufacturer approved recommendations and processes, they buy the subject vehicle in question and proceed to take it apart, recording every step of the process. They then put it back together. All the compiled content is then streamlined, making it accessible for the novice. Yet the information remains valuable and precise enough for the professional.