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Replacing headlights is a common DIY repair procedure. You can refer to this headlight replacement guide to ensure that you have done your installation right.

Auto parts warehouse: discount car & truck parts, Offers replacement parts and performance accessories for trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles.. Mazda millenia - headlamp removal & bulb replacement, Headlight removal (1995-2000 models) the high and low beam headlight bulbs can be changed without removing the headlights as shown below.. Boxster projects | headlamp replacement, Removing the headlamp unit (click photos to view full-size image) first you'll remove the entire headlamp unit. it's one big piece containing the three bulbs and all.

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When GM introduced its Saturn Aura in late 2006, the design changes were not quite solidified. The 2007 model requires more than a simple twist and pull to remove it's headlights. Whether it be an entire headlamp replacement, wiring repair or merely replacement of a burned out bulb, the double wall construction has the component you seek well tucked away. You will even be asking yourself "why would they design it this way?" The reason is usually for safety of the occupants. It is much better to have a safer, well protected vehicle than one with easy to replace parts.

Let's face it: you're busy, and a headlight assembly replacement shouldn't have to be a pain. You need something that fits, something that works, something that's reasonably priced, and you want that something as soon as possible. You don't want to get it wrong, but you don't want to spend too much time on it either.