Color-matched Glacier Frost Mica headlight housing:

Driver and Passenger Headlights Headlamps Replacement for Chevrolet 25970915 25970914

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Guide Headlight Housing with Top Signal Only w/ Lights Separate.

I like these black headlight housing…it is so good nice and attractive..it dont affected the design and the beam of lights it adds a looks to headlights..

Swapping it out is as simple as sliding the new headlight into the mounting ring and plugging it into the wire harness connecting block. We were thrown a little curve because the new light had an extra red wire with a small blue connector which didn’t connect to anything on our 2004 XL1200C. The black connecting block on our 2004 model is already grounded to the headlight housing, so we rationalized the blue connector is for newer models. After that, we slipped the bezel back around the new headlamp and screwed it back into place.

Vision X 7" Round Headlight Housing Replacement [H6017/H6024]

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So I decided to start my own club...

Color-matched Glacier Frost Mica headlight housing:


Al's OEM Products - Lights OEM - Headlight Housing

First thing you need to do to facilitate this installation is to remove your grill. You will need to do this to have enough room to remove the headlight housing. This is quick if you've not done it before.

The only thing connecting the bezel to the main headlight housing is one bolt. Unscrew it, remove the bezel, and the old light comes right out. The electrical housing the light plugs into has a couple of locking tabs that you have to hold down to disconnect the light. You’ll need to slide the mounting ring off, too, for use on the new headlamp.