"How Muscle Cars Work" 16 January 2007.

How Cars Work


How Muscle Cars Work | HowStuffWorks

A practical guide to the mechanical principles that make a car move. An accessible explanation of how the wheels, accelerator pedal, gearbox, exhaust, pistons, timing belt, suspension, and brakes work inside a car. Includes ten working models to build.

How Cars Works is a spectacular interactive guide to understanding the mechanisms that make a car move. Each spread introduces you to a car mechanism that you put into action by building one or more working models. This hands-on approach makes it easy to understand the principles that make the mechanisms work, and how they apply to cars of all kinds, including electric and hybrid vehicles.

About the Author

Nick Arnold is best known for his Horrible Science series. He has always regarded himself as a writer rather than specifically a science writer, and his background is journalism and publishing.

About the Illustrator

Allan Sanders studied illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal College of Art in London, and has had the good fortune to work for clients including The Economist, The Guardian, New Scientist, Vodaphone and Penguin USA. Allan's simple everyman characters often find themselves in humorous situations.

Thank you for commenting, Zadyn! There are two pedals in a car -- one to accelerate (move forward) and one to brake (come to a stop). Thanks for learning how cars work with us! :)

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