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VW O2 oxygen sensor replacement

Atlantic British is your one stop shop for Emission System replacement parts. Land Rover Discovery 2 Oxygen sensor replacements and catalytic converters can be found at Atlantic British for all vehicles at low prices. Not sure of the difference between a “front” and “rear” oxygen sensor? Need a second opinion on whether its time to switch out your sensors? Want more information on how a new set of oxygen sensors can increase your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency? Give one of our Rover experts a call, they are standing by and ready to assist you in any way they can.

I should mention that I decided to replace the front oxygen sensor I removed the for repair, which requires the alternator be removed, and the AC condenser for flushing, which requires the radiator fan be removed. The engine had about 62,000 miles and ten years on it so it was time for oxygen sensor replacement. The AC compressor does not need to be removed to replace the oxygen sensor, but the space to work in is very limited. With the AC compressor removed there is plenty of room to work in. It is probably not worth the trouble of dealing with the AC refrigerant and compressor just to change the oxygen sensor. However, if you have the AC compressor and the radiator fan out of the car it is an ideal time to change the front oxygen sensor.

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