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ACDelco 36-358980 Professional Power Steering Pressure Line Hose Assembly


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Auto parts servo pulse testing machine is designed to generate test data of pulsation pressure of power steering hoses through simulating actual working conditions. This equipment features automatically controlled. For example, automatic impact test, automatic record and storage of test data such as the number of impact, temperature and frequency which are operated without human intervention. With aid of measurement and control software, test pressure, temperature, curved radial frequency and pulse waveform can be printed.

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hose assembly crimps (left) to the common power steering hoses (right

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    A leak in your power steering system can lead to a very serious and possibly dangerous situation. Leaking hoses can cause a loss of steering. Replace worn out or cracked power steering hoses before big problems occur. Use...

How to fix damaged power steering hoses in car or truck or van

It is known that a power steering hoses operates under a harsh environment, for example, extremely high temperature, pulsation pressure, ozone, oils and other adverse factors. Hence, failure of hoses is not rare.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that bite you. You can have the coolest and fastest diesel out there, only to be sidelined by a little problem such as a fuel leak or an electrical short from a bad connection. What’s the preventative medicine? Attention to detail. A good case in point is the Hydroboost power steering hoses found on 2001-2010 GM pickups. Since the brakes and power steering are tied to the power steering pump, a failure in the system can park the truck on the side of the road with no brakes or steering. The good news is that catastrophic failures of the system are rare, but leaking factory Hydroboost and power steering hoses on these , according to Strictly Diesel of Phoenix, Arizona.