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Before attaching the new motor, lubricate its gear with a dab of to prevent future problems. As long as the new power window motor is compatible with the car, it should fit onto the regulator and the mounting holes should line up. Attach the motor using either , machine screws, or nuts and bolts, then remove the nut and bolt from the plate holding the gear, and finally, unclamp the regulator arm.

It is possible to buy new power window motors from online and local automotive parts retailers. Buyers may also be able to purchase used power window motors from junkyards. Due to its large selection, is a good marketplace for both new and used power window motors. It is easy to search the stock on the site, and buyers also have the option of purchasing their new motors from local sellers.

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  • DIY Time: Between 90 and 120 minutes
  • DIY Cost: Between $90 and $130 for a new power window motor
  • Professional Cost: You'll pay for the part and for labor, so expect to spend between $160 and $225
  • Req. Skill Level: Fairly easy, though there are a lot of steps.

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To search for power window motors, go to the eBay , enter the term "" into the search bar, and click the Search button. You can perform this search from almost any eBay page and you should be able to create a list of all of the power window motors that are for sale on the site. To ensure that the motor that you select is compatible with your car, specify the year, the make, and the model of your vehicle (such as ), and eBay will filter out all incompatible power window motors.

This section describes how to replace the faulty power window motor with a functioning one. The process involves removing the regulator and motor, possibly separating the old motor from the regulator and attaching the new one, and reinstalling the assembly.