Figure 1: Rear brake caliper exposed

ACDelco 18FR1914 Professional Rear Passenger Side Disc Brake Caliper Assembly without Pads (Friction Ready Non-Coated), Remanufactured


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I looked and looked at all the different rear brake calipers out there. There were Harley ones, Aftermarket ones, chrome ones, part chrome ones and stock black ones. There just seemed to be all different kinds. To a guy that doesn’t know much about motorcycles and their parts, it just seemed like there was a lot of room for me to pick the wrong one. Since the frame is already set up with a tab welded to it for a stock style Harley rear caliper, I decided that that setup was what I was going to shoot for. I saw many different brake calipers that were modeled after the stock setup and decided that I didn’t want chrome as I felt that it might distract away from the chrome wheel. So my decision was to go with the basic black. I found a caliper that fit my parameters and made a bid on it. I won it.

Japanese automaker Toyota has announced a recall for 91,585 Prius hybrid units in the United States for parking brake problem, reveals the filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). An issue has been identified with the foot-operated parking brake which is connected via a tension cable in 2016 and 2017 models. It is believed that the cable is likely to detach from the rear brake calipers thereby resulting in failure of the parking brake engagement.

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Brake Caliber Installed – Note The Tab On Frame

Closer View Of Brake Caliper Note The Tab On Frame

View Of Brake Caliper From Bottom Looking Up

Rear Brake Caliper From Back. Notice The Pads

[Click on Photo] Figure 1: Rear brake caliper exposed

Our 2010 American Sportworks Carbide Go Kart has spent 5 years out in the elements. This year I noticed my rear brake caliper locked as well as one ...

Rear Disc Brake Caliper Guide Pins (H5096) by Carlson®. . The components provide a precise fit and require no modifications for installation. This set includes all guide pins you need to complete your brake repair job ensuring proper caliper movement and brake system stability as well as preventing premature wear of rotors and pads.