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Ford Escape 3.0 V6 (2001-2006) Catalytic Converter Manifold Set; Side: Radiator, Front, Bank 2, LHS and Side: Firewall, Rear, Bank 1, RHS - Not For California Emission Vehicles

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How to Replace a Catalytic Converter

Magnaflow Direct Fit Catalytic Converters are designed to be an easy direct bolt on replacement for your factory catalytic converter. These catalytic converters are 49 State legal and are not only a great way to replace your old or failing catalytic converter, but to also increase exhaust flow through the special honeycomb-patterned internal catalyst which maximizes the surface area your exhaust flows over for reduced emissions. These are factory replacement catalytic converters and are designed to fit with a factory exhaust system. If you have a performance exhaust, these cats will fit but will require that the aftermarket exhaust works with a factory style catalytic converter.

The thought of paying for a replacement converter scares most people. Materials such as ceramic and platinum are both coinsidered to be very expensive materials. However, catalytic converters have been used in the USA since 1975 and in the UK since 1987, so as production volume increases, prices have come down and today replacing a catalytic converter is a routine job.

Replacing A Catalytic Converter - YouTube

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How to Replace a Catalytic Converter - YouTube

Wondering if you need to replace a bad catalytic converter? Take a look at the following symptoms and see how they compare to your suspected catalytic converter issue. Remember, just because your car is showing one of these symptoms doesn't necessarily mean that your cat has gone bad. There are often a number of problems that can cause the same symptom, so it's important to look a little deeper into the issue before you do something drastic -- and expensive -- like replacing your catalytic converter. anyway?

Rust is inevitable, and if your vehicle is more than 8 years old and/or you live in a rust-prone climate, you might need to replace your catalytic converter.