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German automaker Opel set up a hospitality tent at the show, where members of the public were seated in a cushy chair that faced the grill of the new Opel Astra. Testers donned a small plastic headband and, merely by thinking about starting the car, changed a row of LEDs in the floor from red to orange to green — at which point the car’s engine would spring to life.

i just replaced the battery in my 67 camaro due to the fact that after the 1st one wouldn’t start after charging it several times over a 3yr period now when i installed the new one it was having the same symptoms as the old one i don’t think it’s the battery it started up a few times after installation and then quit. i feel its the starter or solanoid it was making a clicking noise when i tried to start the car ,i feel like i threw away a good battery for nothing. what are your coments for this problem.

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When you turn the ignition ON before starting the car, the "Check engine" light is supposed to come on indicating that the engine computer (also could be called ECM, PCM, or ECU) is powered on. If the "Check engine" light does not come with the ignition ON, it's possible that there is no power coming to the engine computer (e.g., due to a broken wire, faulty main relay, burnt fuse, etc.) or that there is a problem with the engine computer itself.

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The wind had to be blowing over 40 mph and it was raining hard. After the tournament was over, we went out to the car and found that the battery was too low to start the car. The sunk and helpless feeling has to be experienced to be believed! Fortunately, our volleyball coach had an SUV and nearby. Also, I know how to jump start a car. She was our guardian angel! We hooked up the cables and the car started fine though in the time it took to jump the car, I got more soaked and colder than I can remember getting in February in Virginia!!

hi stu when I looked over a Suzuki sx4 the dealer started the car with a key when I bought the car he obtained a fob from Suzuki and all was well. recently I tried to start the car with the key with no success what am I doing wrong ??? thanks