Follow you radiator hose to where your thermostat is located.

Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat - 2nd Generation works with Apple HomeKit and Alexa


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Balancing the system is a great point but what about the homes that are under insulated or not insulated at all? Those customers continue pointing to the HVAC guys. The sensor is great, but will still cause mismatch in the original thermostat sensing location. Look at Honeywell’s redlink indoor sensor. Upstairs feels a little cooler now, but were freezing on the main floor. Why not just pack four sensors with each stat and we will zip tie them to each member of the family! Then wherever they go they will be comfortable. How about the bigger issue of retail sales? I can get it here for $249 or thru my wholesaler for $237. That’s a joke, people are smart, they google everything anymore. Take it off the website ecobee. Step up to the plate in more than one way, push this thru the professional installer market. Give us a chance to make a buck. We bust our buts trying to make a few dollars here and there, ecobee and Honeywell both ship out of every hole they have and their margins wont suffer. Manufacturers have taken over the industry, its time the contractors get back in control. Good luck.

My upstairs thermostat is located in the hallway and is more affected by the downstairs heat than the rooms it's supposed to control. This wireless kit was an easy way to finally solve the problem of either cold or hot bedrooms. It works great and was easy to install, I'm pretty happy with it.

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With the Venstar Wireless Thermostat and Receiver, the options for managing your HVAC from anywhere in your house is possible. Turn up the heat without getting out of your warm, cozy bed or turn down the air conditioning from your living room chair? Put the thermostat in a the baby room to keep the temperature exactly right. Or, if you wish to be able to move the thermostat, put it by your bedside at night, or even control your heating and air conditioning system from two different places, such as upstairs and downstairs, then the Venstar Wireless Thermostat is for you.

This kit consists of two parts, a Wireless Thermostat and a Receiver. The Receiver is easy to install and is wired just like a standard 24VAC thermostat. The simplest solution is to just connect the unit to the old thermostat location; alternatively, tit can be wired in a furnace closet, in an attic or basement as the Thermostat communicates wirelessly. The Thermostat is a battery operated unit that can be placed in any location throughout your home (up to 500 feet from the Receiver) and will transmit radio signals to the Receiver. It can be mounted to your wall, carried in your hand, or set on a table or shelf using its built-in easel stand. The temperature sensor is located on the Thermostat, so place the thermostat where temperature control is most important to you. For energy savings, the Termostat allows up to 4 time/temperature settings to be programmed per 24-hr period and stores programs for 7 independent days.

There are actually two very small returns (approx. 12" x 6") that appear to have been added to the system at some point (house is 48 years old). These are located towards the opposite end of the house from the main return. So in essence, the thermostat is located close to the middle point of all three returns....which does seem to make sense.