Weathertech Ventvisors, Smoke, Set of 4

WeatherTech Custom Fit Front & Rear Side Window Deflectors for Dodge Ram 1500, Dark Smoke


Weathertech vent visors installed on a car

These Jeep Vent Visors by WeatherTech® give you the opportunity to enjoy fresh air flow, even during inclement weather, while offering an original equipment look. Crafted in Germany from the finest 3mm lightly-tinted acrylic material available, these vent visors install quickly and easily, with no exterior tape needed. Jeep Wrangler Vent Visors are precision-machined to perfectly fit your vehicle. These low profile vent visors help to reduce wind noise and allow interior heat to escape.

*Weathertech Vent Visors ship directly from the manufacturer, please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

In the Spring I was approached by and asked to review their on our minivan. I love driving with the windows open, but it’s very difficult to have the windows in our van open when we are all riding together. The noise from the wind completely blocks us hearing the girls in the back, and now that we have Baby J and Baby S we need to be extra careful. I couldn’t wait to see if the Weathertech Vent Visors made a noticeable noise difference.

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    Overall I am thrilled with the result of adding the Weathertech Vent Visors to our van and am looking forward to using less air conditioning and getting more fresh air while we travel.

    The instructions included with the Vent Visors are pictures with few word descriptions. I was pretty nervous, thinking that it HAD to be more difficult that it looked, but I was proved wrong. We were sent both the front and rear Weathertech Vent Visors and the installation took me 15 minutes total. I was amazed how easy it was! I started with the front driver’s side window first and worked my way around the van. I would point out that the front Weathertech Vent Visors do not use adhesive, however the rear visors do.