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If you don't mind driving your Mustang in the rain, you want to make sure the windshield wiper arms are in working order. This is an excellent reproduction of your original wiper arm and fits 1979-1993 Mustangs.

Hunting for a dependable source for quality parts such as a Dorman windshield wiper arm? Components which provide a more deluxe ride will increase safety and drivability. Your state's laws require your vehicle to run with the required safety-oriented parts - circumvent traffic tickets and collisions by installing all the correct gear. Replacing your vehicle's malfunctioning safety equipment is the most important thing you can do to ensure your family's safety on the road. Operating your vehicle without properly functioning safety equipment can be devastating should there be equipment failure. Age can definitely deteriorate your windshield wiper arm, and make it break. Frequent use can definitely weaken your windshield wiper arms, causing it fail. A windshield wiper arm operates as a mount between your car's windshield wiper motor and the windshield wipers. If the windshield wiper arm becomes damaged while you are driving, your safety will be lessened. In the event that the car's windshield wiper arm is damaged while driving, the safety of the vehicle can become impaired. A fully functioning windshield wiper arm is painless to install in the automobile.

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Do-it yourself windshield wiper repair is fairly easy for even the most novice of mechanics. Commonly windshield wiper arms fail because they become loose, or rusted, and repairing them is easy enough. Like any car repair the actual process and the exact problem will vary from vehicle to vehicle, depending on how your wiper arms are attached to the vehicle. These repairs can be completed with the use of pliers, new windshield wipers, and a crescent (or adjustable) wrench. Some people may find having a ratchet set nearby to be useful as well. Typically the most common problem you will find is that one wiper moves independently (or not at all) from the other. Here is how you can repair that problem.